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What Is da Vinci Surgery?

Are you preparing for surgery? Perhaps you haven’t heard of the da Vinci method, which is a state-of-the-art innovation in robotic surgery. Once you learn more about this surgical option, we are confident that you will find it to be an efficient and impressive choice for your upcoming surgical procedure. 

At the Center for Minimally Invasive and Robotic Surgery, located in Peoria, Arizona, Conrad Ballecer, MD, FACS, Brian Prebil, DO, and Eric L. Thomas, MD, FACS, as well as the rest of our staff, are happy to consult with you about our advanced da Vinci surgical method. 

The da Vinci defined 

The da Vinci method is one in which our world-renowned surgeons take pride. This method is technologically advanced and provides patients with the use of robotics for safe, minimally invasive surgery. 

In fact, in 2000, the da Vinci method became one of the first robotic surgery methods to be approved by the FDA. Since then, its use has steadily increased. According to a study published by the Patient Safety Network, 570,000 procedures were performed in 2014 worldwide using the da Vinci method.

How the da Vinci method works 

The da Vinci method allows our team to perform what used to be more complex operations that required intensive recoveries in an easy, minimally invasive way. Drs. Ballecer, Prebil, and Thomas use this surgical method by using a console to control the movements of four robotic arms. This not only allows for fewer errors but also greater control and precision on the part of our team, both of which are also increased by the 3D, high-definition camera. 

What’s more, it involves smaller incisions due to the robotic arm’s precision and size as well as to the size of the surgical instruments. This means there is less damage to your tissues, as smaller incisions require less trauma. This translates not only to less discomfort and pain after surgery but also to shorter recovery times and fewer complications during and post-surgery period. 

Options for da Vinci surgery

Several surgical procedures can be performed with the da Vinci method, including

As you can see, there are several surgical procedures for which the da Vinci method is effective. Depending on why you are receiving surgery, this method may be effective for your needs, allowing you to recover faster and avoid complications. 

Want to learn more about da Vinci surgery? 

Call 623-227-2581 to make an appointment at our Peoria, Arizona, office. You can also set up an appointment online at your leisure. 

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